History of the steel industryChina's steel industry has developed after a long and tortuous journey, developing to a production of 110,551,500 tons in 2018, ranking first in the world. The sustainable development of the steel industry, as the basis of China's industrial economy, is inseparable from
2023/06/14 09:32
Responding to national policies and promoting ultra-low emission of steel.The state has successively introduced policies to resolve the excess capacity of the steel industry and the elimination of backward production capacity, requiring strict implementation of capacity replacement methods around
2023/06/14 09:21
Green material-stainless steelStainless steel has unique advantages in terms of recycling and is fully in line with the principle of "reduce, reuse and resource" as stipulated in the Circular Economy Promotion Law. In terms of protecting the water and soil environment, stainless steel can be
2023/06/14 09:17